About Dynamic Equestrian

Dynamic Equestrian was founded by Carly and Travis Atkinson Spring of 2013 when they purchased their facility in Lehi Utah. Their goal was to create an environment that welcomed everyone and would help all of their students succeed.

Dynamic Equestrian was named due to the diverse and dynamic riding careers of Travis and Carly. With their unique background and knowledge, they have been able to help problem horses that were given one last chance, to Off The Track Thoroughbreds who needed a new career, to imported Warmbloods who were bred and born to win. No matter the background, they’ve been able to turn the horses they have worked with into champions.

Due to their dynamic background and experience, they also have been able to connect with every student they have worked with and help them reach their goals. Many of the students in the Dynamic Equestrian program have competed successfully in eventing and hunter jumpers.

Meet The Team


Travis Atkinson

Owner and Trainer

Travis Atkinson started his professional riding career at the age of 13, riding thoroughbred racehorses. He began racing at the age of 14 and continued his racing career for 7 years, racing all over the western United States. While racing he also led a successful 10 year, professional bull riding career winning prestigious titles all over the United States and Canada. Travis continued training and prepping thoroughbreds until 2018 when he decided to focus his attention on Three Day Eventing.

Travis has been eventing since 2013 and has successfully competed through Intermediate level. Travis has spent the last four years training under the 4* course designer and accomplished upper-level rider, James Atkinson. Travis finished second in the Preliminary Rider division at the 2018 United States Eventing Championships, was the 2018 Wasatch Range Eventing Association rider of the year and the 2018 Area IX Preliminary rider of the year.

Travis has his goals set to run the CCI 3* L at the international Event at Galway in the fall of 2019 and to continue training successful horses and riders.

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Carly Atkinson

Owner and Trainer

Carly started riding at age seven and fell in love with horses. She and her sister Megan, couldn’t wait to have a horse of their own. They worked side jobs and saved until they could finally buy their first horse together. Their first horse ended up being an untrained yearling. Together, and after years of blood, sweat, and tears, they trained him to be the best horse ever.

Since that first horse, Carly has had a passion for training horses. She soon learned she had a talent for training unwanted and difficult horses into children safe mounts and competition horses. She thrives on finding solutions for individual horses and riders.

Carly is well versed in both English and Western Disciplines. Working under numerous top trainers from both styles, she has competed in numerous breed shows, winning multiple year-end high point awards and world championship titles.

Carly found her passion for Eventing and has competed up to Preliminary level with goals of moving up in 2019. She loves not only competing herself but helping her students and horses move up the levels as well.

Tatiana Larson

Assistant Trainer

Tatiana has been in love with horses for as long as she can remember. She finally had her wish come true when she started riding at ten years old. She started out riding and showing western for a few years, but then fell in love with Eventing when she started riding with Travis and Carly in 2014. Since then, she has competed through training level and has given several horses a start in their Eventing careers. Tatiana has also shared her love with riding and the connection that comes from working with horses by teaching childrens riding lessons for the last three years. Her goals include riding at the 5* level and competing at the Kentucky Three-day Event.



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